Market research for suppliers

Date of publication: August 1, 1968


The intensive development of productive forces leads to permanent quantitative and qualitative changes in the market relations. In the sphere of tenders the changes occur not only in the dynamics of the development and of the selling conditions, but also in the assortment of the goods offered. In the sphere of demand, the volume and assortment of demand is also showing a developing tendency. In order to be successfully included in the market in present conditions of production it is of essential importance for every enterprise not only to know these developments but also to know their relevant factors. The enterprises should not be indifferent to the conditions, by whom and how it is going to be supplied and with the means of production because this affects the production costs, the quality and the selling of its products, thus affecting its income and prosperity. Therefore there arises the need for study and research of the phenomena on the supply market.

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