Market research methodology for analysis of retail distribution in agriculture

Date of publication: February 1, 1996


The paper describes a new market research approach for the analysis of retail distributions choices and efforts when selling agrochemicals to the farmers. The method, called DISTRASCOPE, is based on two specific features: quantified interviews of a representative sample of salesmen of the distribution, availability of results at the end of the off season but before any use of the products. This type of survey has a great interest for agrochemicals companies in order to give an early overview of the sales campaign. It gives the companies a support to remotivate the regional sales teams with up to date information on the orientations of the retail distribution. It makes easier for them to target their actions on a better management of the products in order to avoid inventory shortage as well as products in excess at the end of the season of use. Before giving a comprehensive overview of the new methodology we would like to introduce, it is necessary' to explain the main features of retail distribution of agrochemicals to farmers in France.

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