Marketing infallible remedy

Date of publication: May 4, 2003

Catalogue: Latin America 2003


The aim of this paper is to understand the behaviour unleashed by the consumer crisis, the adaption of trade, the opportunities that the different formats and brands have as well as the threats to them, the tendencies for change in the consumer market and the strategies better adapted within this context. The challenge lies in understanding these changes and acting swiftly. At this moment, market research plays a crucial role since it is a way of quickly understanding what is going on. However, the viewpoint of this investigation must been seen in a different light if one is to achieve an understanding of both the consumer and trade as a whole, as well as their interaction within the different areas. In order to achieve this end, in-depth interviews of opinion builders, experts in research and strategy, trade people, focus groups of different players and desk research was carried out.

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