Marketing research in the conditions of development of collective consumption

Date of publication: September 1, 1974


The aim of the paper is to discuss the interrelationships between collective consumption and the market, and the influence of collective consumption on the market and marketing research. In the detailed analysis the author discusses the influence of collective consumption on the size of demand, growth in savings, increase of demand and the shaping of market equilibrium. Analysing these problems from the macroeconomic point of view, the author forms a thesis of a possible inflationary effect of collective consumption. In the further part of the paper the author analyses the influence of development of collective consumption on changes in the commodity structure of demand, and in demand of particular social groups. The paper presents also preliminary results of researches conducted in this field. Finally the author points at the inevitable development of social consumption and at the indispensable directions of researches and changes in marketing strategy and policy in this field.

Remigiusz Krzyzewski


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