Marketing research works: A case of Mexicana Airlines (MX)

Date of publication: June 15, 1983

Author: Akira Nagashima


This paper shows a case of the off-line foreign carrier which moved into the Japanese market to develop its market potentiality and used a simple in-house telephone monitoring survey from its customers such as travel agents, wholesalers and airlines. The airline used the data to formulate its strategic marketing and operation plans in order to maximize the limited resources. After a year and a half of operation, the company conducted a mail survey among the travel trade people to measure the performances executed on the basis of telephone analysis. The result of the measurement proved to be a success. The cause of success lie in the excellent coordination of research, advertising, sales promotion and management. This is a good example of how market research is applied to plan and check day to day operations and marketing performances of a new company into a foreign market.

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