Meta consumption

Date of publication: May 1, 1996


This reference to Credit Mutuel's Assises has allowed us to grasp at what point the meta-consumer was central, at the heart of the banking debate, of values, of the organisation and of strategy. This notion is not an alibi for the communicator but presumes to understand a type of conflict at stake in a structure and to be on the watch to resolve it. The "relationship" with the customer is no longer the last thing to consider, but is the comer stone of the strategic and organisational edifice. Meta-consumption enables the hackneyed conflict of "ethical values" and of "performance", of "customer relations" and of "figures" to be left behind in order to understand how a bank should operate. The overall perception of the "person" must answer an overall action of the bank, where the relationship to communication, strategy and organisation must be involved. It is a coherent offer, which emerges from the internal coherence of a company which mirrors the new meta-consumer. To develop the specificity of this notion must be considered as the first action of internal communication. The interest in the method used which inscribes the leading elements of a debate that is apparently highly diverse, is to grasp how to articulate the notions that the conscious portrayals can put into opposition. Thus, a real movement is outlined : the banks, such as Credit Mutuel, which can be perceived as falling short of banking, can find themselves again in the expressions the same of banking today. The loyalty considered as "soft" in the past becomes an active loyalty and the motor of banking. Credit Mutuel's results in 1995 are convincing in this respect.

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