Methodological experiments of measuring the coverage of daily newspapers

Date of publication: June 15, 1982


The prime consideration of this paper is a methodological experiment, carried out by Media Markt Analysen, Frankfurt, in the autumn of 1981 which was aimed to check the measurement of the coverage of BILD and regional daily newspapers. Starting point was the uncertainty, whether BILD was reproduced correctly in the standardised MA (Media Analyses); the results from parallel regional analyses within the area of larger regional dailies showed in most cases lower coverage scores for BILD than in the MA. To be tested were: the MA-model, the inquiry technique of usual regional daily newspaper readership analyses, as well as an improved regional model, which was modified corresponding to analytical supported hypotheses. In all three models the statements in the questionnaire were validated with the help of presentation of the three last published original copies of BILD and the largest regional subscription newspaper in the individual survey areas.

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