Methods of radio audience measurement comparing interview and diary techniques

Date of publication: June 15, 1991

Author: Gerhard Franz


Within the scope of the ARD Method Test the standard instrument of radio listener research in the FRG, daily-routine survey, according to the pattern of Media Analysis '90 was tested against two versions of diary: diary with or without coverage of daily-routine activities. In addition a coincidental check was conducted, which is regarded the best technique for controlling broadcast media reaches. The comparative analysis of the four tested survey methods for listener research shows once more that each instrument of empirical media research has specific advantages and disadvantages. These have to be analysed carefully in order to evaluate their relevance for the reproduction of the subject of analysis. Result comparisons of the combined method test presented here, however, show as well that the subject of analysis - radio usage - is not at all a diffuse or casual "marginal activity' hardly to be measured in a reliable way. On the contrary, the concurrence of important indicators of radio usage in all four survey methods can be taken as confirmation that there is no need for immediate action regarding a change of radio audience measurement within Media Analysis.

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