MetLife insights engine

Date of publication: May 14, 2018


MetLife is on a journey to reinvent its business and brand to become a more high-performing, customer-led, and modern company. Critical to this is a deep understanding of customer needs as the foundation to deliver the right solutions for the right customers. In this new, more dynamic environment, MetLife marketers need to make more real-time decisions, and to make them faster. It is against this backdrop that MetLife made the decision to implement the Insights Engine to create a competitive advantage based on activated marketing insights. A new, advanced tool was needed to collect, curate, connect, share and activate marketing insights. What is the Insights Engine? It's not only a repository of information. It's an advanced search engine and platform for sharing insights. It's powered by artificial intelligence that allows users to conduct smart searches. These searches do not need to be from a methodological perspective (type of study or technique as the original ones) but can be a simple question: what are our customers concerned about? This knowledge platform can be used by different areas within the company who want access to existing information (primary data, secondary data, syndicated studies, etc.). This way we make sure we do not duplicate existing information and we embed most of our decision-making processes with insights. A key benefit of the Insights Engine is that it allows us to extend the reach and ROI of marketing insights and facilitate knowledge sharing across regions.

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