Mobilizing values to slice up the market

Date of publication: June 15, 1989

Author: Jan Hofmeyr


The paper reports on a test of the model in a benchmark study done in the field of financial institutions. Respondents are categorized and grouped using the two key measures, and the predictions about them tested using a perceptual mapping technique based on correspondence analysis. The paper closes by examining some of the longer term implications for marketing if the assumptions underlying the model are correct. These are: firstly, that because entrenched commitment depends on the mobilization of core values, conversion and the building of customer loyalty also depends on the mobilization of core values; second, that because human beings are limited information processors, there are always gaps between the current choice and the underlying motivational dynamic which can be exploited to "slice-up" the market differently; and third, that given the diversity of human affections and given that affective inputs are more important than cognitive inputs in creating the beginnings of a switch, the development of "niche" products is inevitable in wealthy societies.

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