More family in your holiday

Date of publication: June 15, 1983

Author: Schimun Murk


There is no doubt that children play an important role in the tourism process. It is often the children who influence their parents' decision regarding the vacation. They are also the ones who make a return to the same place more likely, if they have enjoyed it there. Too often places are provided for children that don't meet the children's needs in the least. Apart from a kindergarten, a playground, or out-of-the-way occupational therapy rooms in hotels there is nothing available that could excite a child's heart or impress his parents. But it is really enough just to see with a child's eyes the possibilities present in a place, in order to realize that there are many opportunities which can be genuine attractions for children. If guest children are more integrated into the local life, this can be a source of personal experiences and friendly ties. Satisfied children not only contribute to peaceful family life. They are also our satisfied guests of tomorrow!

Schimun Murk


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