Date of publication: November 11, 1996

Author: Erwin Weibel


This paper describes how more market profit can be derived out of media data when: A) users are offered easy and practice-oriented access to the data, and when; B) new data are created which can provide answers to old questions. The problem is that a relatively high number of data sources exist concerning consumer behaviour on the one hand; and for media planning (in the sense of campaign planning optimisation for individual media) on the other. However, there is a considerable lack of objective data to validate the media mix decision. The Swiss pilot study MUST (Media User Study) attempts to introduce a new dimension in media comparison, by observing the consumer in his everyday life and as a user of various media. Compiled methodically on a firm basis, the study shows how to carry out a quantitative and qualitative comparison of various groups of media - but without renouncing existing planning instruments. To enable the use of these data interactively in dialogue, new software has been developed which permits graphic visualisation on laptop.

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