My problem is your problem

Date of publication: June 15, 1993

Company: Unilever


The paper is a critical account of the experience of the authors of qualitative market research in the developing countries of the world which have led them to draw up a set of guidelines for qualitative market research. It is put forward that the general quality of qualitative research in these countries is poor and that one of the reasons for this is that clients do not clearly explain their requirements or complain properly when these requirements are not met. The guidelines are designed to overcome this problem. The guidelines themselves are then detailed and explained. Finally, the authors warn that the quality of qualitative research in these countries is damaging the overall image of the technique and propose two further ways in which the situation can be re-dressed. The first is the use of more specific terms when agencies and clients discuss the type of qualitative research to be undertaken and the second is the setting up of an international quality standard for qualitative market research.

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