New attributions of the Latin American market researcher in face of globalization

Date of publication: May 1, 1997


This study is aimed to investigate if the market globalization has brought changes to the market research activities in Latin America and in the attributions of market researchers, whether they are working in -suppliers- the institutes or in contracting companies -the users. In just two years there is a clear perception of increasing importance of market research to the organizations; there are more projects being developed and larger budgets available. The researchers feel an enrichment of their role which now includes more participation in the companies strategic planning, in decisions related to their own business future and more involvement in projects elaborated simultaneously in different countries. It was perceived a trend of increasing exchange of technology and business among the Latin America institutes and among these institutes and the ones with headquarters in the USA and Europe. The research also shows how the Latin American researchers are today more dependent of procedures and protocols established broad. That explains why the English language is being more used to communicate internationally. A clear evolution is shown in the use of information technology and telecommunication resources to receive and transmit projects results in standards and terms demanded for international projects.

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