New opportunities for print vehicles

Date of publication: November 11, 1996

Author: Luisa Pogliana


At the end of 1993, Audipress, the Italian national readership institute, launched an experimental survey which, in addition to the main focus of the survey, readership habits, also examined general buying habits. The results have been available since the end of 1995 and were presented to users and advertising agencies in the spring of this year. This is the first official media-product based survey in Italy, and analysis of the results have indicated two important opportunities: - An improved awareness of print media in general, through a more detailed profile of readers, confirmation that big readers are also big and qualified consumers; - the possibility of new approaches to planning - thanks to a precise definition of the relationship between the reader and his behaviour with respect to products, the definition of more clearly focused targets for marketing objectives is possible.

Luisa Pogliana


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