New qualitative descriptors of magazines' potentiality to convey efficiently advertising messages

Date of publication: November 1, 1995

Author: Dina Raimondi


Magazines have a unique characteristic, which is an advantage that no other media can display : the particular link between a reader and "his" magazine : to read a magazine means more than just to be in contact with a media, it means a personal involvement, an "effort" to go to a magazine store and buy it, that presupposes there is a starting point adequacy between the reader and the title, that they share ideas and a specific vision of the world, that this magazine has been chosen because of the way of life of the reader, his political or personal convictions, his centers of interest, his leisures... the magazine is a caution that reinforces his system of values, information, convictions. All this makes advertising in magazines a challenge: advertising should fit with all these requirements neither to disappoint the reader nor to make him feel negatively while reading, if all conditions are full-filled, advertising will benefit from the positive environment of the magazine readership and be much more effective.

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