New techniques in product development using quantitative socio-cultural mapping and qualitative typology research to identify Sspecific target groups

Date of publication: September 1, 1989


The Scangroup, the Swedish Meat Marketing Association, dominates the Swedish meat market. Strategic discussions based on Monitor research identified socio- cultural segments for a new convenience food concept. The marketing strategy based on these segments including product, name, packaging , communication and distribution was tailored to the demands of a very specific socio-cultural target group. For Scan this meant considerable investment in a new product line and a new complex marketing concept to a very fragmented market section different from the "volume" segments they usually operate on. The value segments were represented among two food typologies, the Refined Eater and Careless Eater. Scan developed a series of chilled convenience meals especially aimed at these two typologies, which are well represented on the growing micro market. Four group discussions were held with Refined Eaters and Careless Eaters to get a reaction on the product concept. Prototypes were shown and the food was actually tasted by the group members. Several important results were found which completely changed the concept, the product design, and portion size. After changes according to the results of the group discussions new prototypes were developed and another four discussions were performed to test the new concept and especially the names. The result was clear. The concept was much better accepted but none of the names were ideal. A new name was adopted and some minor changes in the concept were made. The product launch is set for Spring 1989. Identification of food typologies based on attitudes to food and food behaviour as well as the socio-cultural profile made it possible to test the concept within the very specific target group at a reasonable cost.

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