Newspaper segmentation based upon content and treatment factors

Date of publication: June 15, 1974


Author: Flemming Hansen


In the paper changes in the functions performed by newspapers are analyzed. It is shown how the type of information carried, the role of entertainment and the ability to act as a social reference point for the reader has changed. Also it is discussed how the relative importance of these three major functions can be studied, and how the kind of audiences, the papers attract depend upon how they mix these functions. In addition to the "content factors" "treatment" factors are analysed. The importance of understandability readability, and optimal complexity is discussed, and It is shown how it varies depending upon the nature of the audience. Based upon the above analysis, a model of the interactions between a publication and its audience is built. It describes how the audience's use of and satisfaction with the media varies with variations in "content" and "treatment". In support of the model it is shown how stable media "content" and "treatment" factors exist across different types of newspapers. Based upon factor analytical studies of consumers ratings of media a general factor structure is suggested. Additionally a strong relationship is demonstrated between interest in different types of "content" and treatment" factors and the papers which are being chosen, and it is discussed hew different segments can be defined in terms of interest in and preferences for different combination of "content" and "treatment".

Flemming Hansen


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