Observation, reading and evaluation of evening paper advertisements contra weekly magazine advertisements

Date of publication: June 15, 1982


Are there any differences in the effects of advertisements in evening newspapers and advertisements in weekly magazines? In what ways do they differ and how should you explain the differences? These were some of the questions raised by VECTU - the Swedish association of Weekly magazines. This comparison was primarily interesting in the case of female readers of the two different types of print media. During the spring 1981, 30 different advertisements were measured in the same standradized way. Each advertisement were shown to a national representative sample of 250 women. As only some ads were measured at each survey, a total of 1250 women were included in the whole study. 15 evening paper advertisements and 15 advertisements from weekly magazines were selected. In the same survey the interests of the women in the three different subjects, as well as their expectations on the evening papers and on the weekly magazines in these very respects were studied. The results from the comparative study show that both observation and reading, as well as some of the evaluative measurements were in favour for ads in the weekly magazines.

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