Office-based data collection

Date of publication: June 15, 1999

Author: Per Lundgren


This paper describes an alternative method of data collection in customer satisfaction studies - office-based data collection via the Internet. The project described here is part of an Incentive Programme comprising all stall' in the branch offices of the Swedish hank SLIT Since we are present in the middle of the project it is not possible lo provide definite conclusions but nevertheless these are many interesting; observations to he made among others that this method makes it feasible to complete large data collection projects in a short period of time with a perfect match between target group and sample frame. In our project we intend to conduct customer satisfaction studies based on a sample of 39, 000 persons with a response rate in excess of 70% and moving from start of 'Iota collection lo reporting in seven days and all this at a substantially lower cost than if we had chosen for instance to gather the information in telephone interviews.

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