One-Stop Solution for Actionable Consumer Research

Date of publication: February 1, 2022

Catalogue: Webinars 2022


What's it about?

Traditional research methods like surveys, IDIs, and FGDs fail to capture consumers' unstated responses which are mostly subconscious. Emotion AI technology enables researchers to quantify consumers' emotion, attention, and engagement levels by capturing and analyzing their micro facial expressions, eye gaze movements, and voice tonality.


Armored with Emotion AI in the center, Qual and Quant Research now captures what consumers think, feel and see. Entropik Tech's end-to-end research strategy helps brands and researchers capture actionable consumer insights in both Qual and Quant Research in a short turnaround time, 4X faster than traditional methods. 


What's in it for me?

Join Entropik Tech's Stefka Mihaylova (Head of Business, EU) and Giacomo Massardo (Senior marketing research manager) at IGT for an insightful webinar session on the following:


  1. Adopting Empathy Driven Quant and Qual Research
  2. The 3As of Emotion AI: Agility, Accuracy, and Actionability 
  3. Making Behavioural Research DIY, Actionable and Quantifiable
  4. Sneak Peek of our new Qual Research platform - Decode


Who is this for?

All those interested in Emotion AI and how to make it work for your business

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