Opinion formation and value judgements of Turkish University students

Date of publication: June 15, 1963

Author: Nermin Abadan


Choice of topics closely related to urgent, rather non-political problems. Opinion research confined until recently to students of various levels, including university. Selected research projects carried out: Impact of the mechanisation of Turkish agriculture, major issues of local and provincial government, Turkish public opinion toward U.N. charter, Cyprus seen through the light of the Turkish press, problems of urbanisation, slum areas and bidonville studies, study of pre-industrial area designated to become major stell plant (Eregli study) value judgement of Turkish university students, leisure time activities of Turkish students, mass media habits of Turkish students, market research on shoe industry, olive oil consumption, sale quota of various gasoline companies such as Mobil, Shell, etc. Adjustment and values problems and integration of immigrants from Bulgaria.

Nermin Abadan


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Research Papers

Research Papers

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