Perceptual maps as aids for new product development

Date of publication: October 1, 1979


In the present paper the authors want to present the use of perceptual maps in creating new product proposals on a concrete case of soft drinks. The soft drink market is highly competitive and therefore product failure rates are too high. Many equally useful techniques are available for constructing perceptual maps, deficiency of the most of this approaches is in the fact that they are based on overall similarity of the objects. Therefore subjects are not directed to differentiate products /objects/ from the point of product use situation. Factor analysis and factor scores were in the present in study used for the construction of perceptual map. By averaging factor scores over products rated as most suitable for use in a particular product use situation we get a point suggesting the best mix of corresponding product dimensions or attributes. Such a simple graphical representation of products and product use situations is then a starting point for a discussion about possibilities for innovative action associated with soft drinks.

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