Perceptual maps of sensory analysis and consumer reactions

Date of publication: December 1, 1996

Company: Givaudan


A Perceptual Map of quantitative fragrance profiles can provide the perfumer with a “snapshot” of the current olfactive market. To provide the perfumer with a stable platform to work with, the core to this approach is Quantitative Fragrance Descriptive Analysis (QFDA), in which trained assessors quantitatively rate fragrances on various fragrance descriptive characteristics. Emotive measures from the consumer can be integrated with QFDA profiles. This integration provides the perfumer with a new understanding of how olfactive directions impact consumer perceptions and emotions. The emotive language of the consumer is translated into a more technical fragrance lexicon for the perfumer. From this process, cross-cultural differences and commonalities are readily visualised by the perfumer.

David W. Ingersoll


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