Personal probability for print in a multimedia environment

Date of publication: June 15, 2004


Planning in a multimedia environment has been a huge topic of debate. Service providers, agencies, advertisers and the media have all been challenged with developing the 'best' tools to understand the optimal mix of media. In order to evaluate the effects of each media component in a multimedia campaign, a consistent R&F methodology is needed. Personal Probability is one approach used for calculating Reach & Frequency. It is often used for print outside of North America, but has not been widely adopted within the U.S. With the introduction later this year of IMS' new global multimedia product, users will have the opportunity to employ the Personal Probability methodology to estimate the reach and frequency of print schedules both on their own, and in a multimedia environment. This is particularly compelling since Personal Probability is a universally accepted model for respondent level broadcast reach and frequency. We believe that it can be a viable way to evaluate readership on a global basis and can provide a consistent 'apples to apples' approach across media.

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