Perspectives on the conference

Date of publication: June 15, 1992

Author: Philip Wade


Following the pattern established at the first ESOMAR Automotive Conference in Paris in 1990 at Geneva we set out to explore a wide range of marketing topics and their practical implications. The papers in this book, therefore, rarely deal with the methodologies and techniques of market research. Instead, their subjects range from the political arena of the European Community, through the practicalities of how car designers and marketers work together to the economics of survival as a car dealer. Just as important as the programme content is the quality of the speakers themselves. While not all of our speakers would claim to be seasoned presenters, their contributions were founded on a wealth of hands-on management experience. Two-thirds of the speakers and session chairmen are currently, or have recently been, directly engaged in the auto industry. Unlike some other auto industry conferences, which can parade famous heads of car companies (there was one such conference also at Geneva), none of our presenters was confined to selling the company line - this was a working conference. The 108 delegates, drawn from across Europe, represented a variety of viewpoints. Naturally, for an ESOMAR conference, there was a strong representation from the research community, from both agencies and car companies. Delegates from the 12 car make represented at the conference also included many with general marketing and dealer development responsibilities.

Philip Wade


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