Politicians on the political market in Poland

Date of publication: September 1, 1994


This paper discusses the political marketing problems inherent in the Polish new democracy. Since 1989 the political system has been developing in a state of constant change. It was very hard for voters to grasp the programs, goals and ideas proclaimed by the parties. Often the only thing that distinguished these parties was the figure of their leader. In order to function effectively in the political market it is thus essential to find out what social expectations concerning political leaders are: what kind of politicians would voters be willing to support at the polls. Voters most want representatives who have high moral qualities. This picture of the "moral politician" is made up of the following elements: concern for ordinary people, responsibility, credibility and patriotism. There is also another aspect as regards the social perception of politicians. The problem centers on the political programs and goals with which voters identify political leaders. The liberal-conservative model of politics was created. The knowledge about the place of political leaders within that model is fundamental to creating an efficient electoral campaign.

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