Positioning one thousand brands in their respective markets

Date of publication: September 1, 1994

Company: DemoSCOPE

Author: Werner Wyss


The Market Radar is a new and efficient way to link market research with marketing. It answers a key question in research: Who is the buyer? By doing that it demonstrates the position of a brand or service and allows for efficient marketing planning. It speaks in a language of "maps" rather than "figures". The approach is based on years of testing with psychographic techniques and the designing of a meaningful test. It is also strongly geared towards new, powerful laptops, new software and new ways of data presentation, including CAD. The main purpose of the approach is to define the actual positions of products, services and brands and provide a practical tool for defining targets. In the majority of cases, target groups are based on a psychographic space, constructed with the help of a special algorithm and correspondence analysis. Although emphasis is placed on the sociocultural layout of the markets, the technique also allows target fields to be marked according to traditional socio-demographic criterions. Modem computers and software are used exhaustively to assist the marketing teams in their difficult job of positioning the brand and choosing the proper marketing mix.

Werner Wyss


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