Poster research: From cover and frequency to effectiveness

Date of publication: June 15, 1988

Company: DOXA


A committee was set up in Italy in 1981 - its members being the association of companies which run outdoor advertising sites, the main association of advertising agencies and the association of advertising users - with the purpose of promoting continuous research initiatives in the field of poster advertising. The outcome has been a survey called ICSA (continuous study on outdoor advertising), which is not a specific survey, but a system of research. The ICSA study has the following objectives: - estimation of poster audience, by calculating coverage and frequency of "passages" past sites in Italian towns end cities - assessment of the effectiveness of posters as an advertising medium. To-date the ICSA study has involved surveys in 5 Italian towns and cities (with different geographical and demographic characteristics) to estimate coverage and frequency of passages past sites, and also surveys on the advertising impact of poster campaigns, conducted in 19 towns and cities of Italy.

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