Date of publication: June 1, 2008


This paper presents ground-breaking research on audience measurement across platforms, especially print, using the Arbitron Portable People Meter; (PPM) combined with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).Specifically, this paper addresses four key challenges: multi-media/multi-platform measurement, issue-specific readership, enhancing detection accuracy and behavioral consistency between readership and measurement. PPM's capabilities to measure both audio and non-audio media place print measurement on equal footing with the electronic measurement of radio, TV, internet, and place-based audiences. Therefore, a single meter can potentially provide electronic cross-media and multi-platform single-source measurement. RFID technology has broad applicability unmatched by other sensing technologies. The readership audience measurement possibilities of RFID technology are numerous: audience accumulation, issue-specific readership, removal of recall error and bias, social desirability bias disappears, model bias is confronted, multi-media measurement is attained and, potentially, page and ad-specific views are delivered - all on a timely basis. The research reported here presents documented test results of this important technology in a passive electronic print and cross-media measurement application.

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