Predicting consumers' acceptance of new video technologies

Date of publication: June 15, 1998


This article overviews consumers interests in new video technologies, which will deliver both high quality video entertainment and Internet/information services, in other words video technologies which bring convergence. Two independent sets of qualitative information enhance the understanding of current consumer interest. The first, a system based on the theory of diffusion, assigns people to groups based on their interest in adoption of new technologies. The second, a consumer segmentation system, assigns persons to groups based on their current involvement with media technologies as well as their media and personal values. Results show that consumers’ interest in and inclination to purchase new video technologies depend on the characteristics of the offering, content as well as platform. Video platforms and entertainment contents appeal to nearly all groups regardless of their innovation tendencies, whereas the PC platform has narrower appeal with most interest among the earliest adopter groups. Results have important implications for the positioning and marketing of new video technologies.

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