Predictive marketing

Date of publication: June 15, 2016

Author: Claudia Perlich


Digital advertising is one of the largest and open playgrounds for machine learning, data mining and related analytic approaches. This development is fueled by unparalleled access to consumer activity across all digital devices and the rise of programmatic advertising where about 100 Billion advertising opportunities are sold daily in real time auctions This talk will outline the realities and promises of infusing a historically intuition based industry with rigorous machine learning for both targeting, creative optimisation, and measurement. We will also touch on a number of challenges which arise in this environment: 1) high volume data streams of around 30 Billion daily consumer touch points, 2) low latency requirements on scoring and automated bidding decisions within 100ms and 3) adversarial modeling in the light of advertising fraud and bots.

Claudia Perlich


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