Product/media and the quest for the Holy Grail

Authors: Ken Purdye, Rob Dick


This paper is about ways to collect and integrate information on television/radio use on the one hand and use of different products on the other. And from a Canadian perspective; which is probably sufficient motivation for the reader to turn speedily to the next article. ("Whither product/media in Canada?"). "Product/Media" has been employed to describe two different types of analyses. The first uses in-home scanning data and television meter data from the same panel of households and attempts to discover relationships between advertising weight and product purchase (Jones, 1995). We are not talking about this. The second type, which is what we're talking about, collects information on media use as well as past, or generalized, use of products, services and stores, in order to help in media selection. These techniques help to describe the audience to television programs or radio stations, in terms of their use of various products or services.

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