Proposal for a panel study to measure short-term effects of advertising

Date of publication: June 15, 1982

Author: Bengt Lindh


The main purpose of this paper is to invite comment and criticism from the seminar and from other interested parties. The future of the project described in the following will to a large extent depend on these reactions. The planned project is a panel study similar to the one carried out by BMRB and presented by Colin McDonald at ESOMAR 1970. The main feature of that study was the relationship between brand switching and previous OTS. This feature will be repeated in this study. In addition this study will be extended so that the following relationships may be examined: 1. The relationship between OTS and changes in evoked (brand) sets; 2. The relationship between evoked set characteristics and brand performance in terms of penetration/repeat purchases; 3. The relationship between consumer types and reactions to advertising. The research plan aims at a panel of 500 households in one city. Panel members will be interviewed before and after the 13-week panel period.

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