Public opinion research in Yugoslavia

Date of publication: August 1, 1967

Author: Firdus Dzinic


Research into public opinion in its classical form has not a long tradition in Yugoslavia. It started in 1963 when the survey of citizens 'views and opinions about the Draft Constitution was carried out upon a national sample. This survey was carried out by the Institute of Social Sciences through a specially established team, in collaboration with the "Borba" daily newspaper whose reporters were the interviewers. The survey of the 1963 Constitution produced very positive experiences that contributed to the establishment of a special organizational unit within the Institute of Social Sciences. The new unit, composed of sociologists, psychologists, political scientists, economists and jurists, is engaged in this task, namely, a systematic exploration of the Yugoslav public opinion, based on the national sample. It is estimated that the findings of the research into public opinion may provide a very important indicator of the political situation in the country, and a basis for the planning of the political and social measures and actions.

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