Qualitative media research in practice

Date of publication: March 10, 1976

Author: Sikke Bakker


Quantitative media research is regularly undertaken in the Netherlands, such as the TON and NOP surveys, to mention but two. Qualitative media research is regularly discussed in the Netherlands, as for instance, at Media Work Group meetings and seminars. In practice, however, and more is the pity, little is done about it. Favourable exceptions are the NINA research of the VNU (United Nether lands Publisher) and Young Love of Muziek Expres. Aside from the possible objections that could be made against the methods used in these surveys, one important disadvantage is that only a few titles were investigated and that no single source results were obtained with the quantitative medium research data. Thanks to the fact that the NOP management, by means of a so called Omnibus, opened up NOP' 75 to third parties, qualitative medium questions could be included in a big random test (N=10,000) and for a large number of titles. This also enabled the linking of quantitative and qualitative medium data. HET BESTE uit Reader's Digest made use of this opportunity to elucidate two qualitative aspects for all periodicals listed in NOP. At the same time the connection was examined between these aspects.

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