Qualitative research as a strategic tool for helping to define the future role of public television

Date of publication: June 15, 1992

Author: Leen d'Haenens


The objective of this research project is to help define, by means of qualitative research methods, the role of public broadcasting in Flanders. This presentation focuses on TV2, a channel geared towards more defined, segmented audiences. The project consists of two parts. Its point of departure was a questionnaire "TV2 and the viewer" whose objective was to critically assess TV2's current and future programme supply, in order to provide the channel with the data it needs to make informed decisions on the development and scheduling of programmes for a motivated target audience. Through 52 questions, we attempted to establish a viewer profile (as sports, music and/or art lover). Those three categories of interest were presented as the main pillars of TV2's new programme supply. The second part was a series of telephone interviews carried out while TV2's introductory programme (called "D-DAY") was being broadcast. Target audience: those Flemish viewers who had sent back the preliminary questionnaire and who clearly fitted the criteria of at least one viewer profile. The central question was the following: to what extent did the different parts of the programme "D-DAY" appeal to the respective segments of the target audience they were meant for?

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