Qualitative research for creative development of a national girobank symbol

Date of publication: November 1, 1978


National Girobank is in some doubt as to the continued efficacy of the existing logo- 'G' - of National Giro in terms of impact and memorability and its communications. In the light of the change in name of the organization from National Giro to National Girobank, the change in typeface, and extension of customer services, the Bank is considering the introduction of a new symbol. At present, development has taken place of a 'Lion' symbol which might be used as an addition to the present symbol and use corporately or in promotion. Hence, research was required to investigate consumer attitudes and requirements in terms of what the logo/symbol needs to communicate and to define parameters of how these needs should be expressed. In addition, some check of awareness of the existing logo was required, in relation to awareness of other bank symbols. 

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