Qualitative research into British rail Transpennine advertising

Date of publication: April 1, 1979


It is understood that in the light of product improvements (train frequency, timing and rolling stock) in the Pennine rail routes, the Transpennine route is to be relaunched via press advertising. The proposed central feature of the advertising is the "Up and Over" concept presented by Eddie Waring. However, British Rail has professed some doubts over the suitability of Eddie Waring. The research was therefore required with the following objectives:

1. To examine the perceived personality of Eddie Waring and the degree to which it adds strength to the advertising presentation;

2. To isolate any Waring negatives and to assess their effect on the power of the advertising presentation;

3. To generally evaluate the appeal and relevance of the "Up and Over" idea, including an assessment of the comparative strength of "Up and Under".

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