Qualitative research into Colman's sorbet mix

Date of publication: March 1, 1978


Previous research into Colman's Sorbet Mix demonstrated the viability of the concept where respondents had an established image of sorbet but also demonstrated certain anxieties about the preparation of the product, particularly among those respondents who did not have an established attractive image of a sorbet. Since then the Research Department has developed a one-stage mix which has performed very well on local panels. The specific objectives of the research therefore were:

1. To assess respondents reactions to the concept of Colman's Sorbet Mix using a '1920's style' positioning with two alternative sets of copy;

2. To gauge which of the two sets of copy was most attractive to respondents and most beneficial to the development of a positive brand image;

3. To assess reactions to the new preparation process in order to find out whether it detracts from the attractiveness of the concept;

4. To probe reactions to the pack design and alternative flavours and the potential price of' the product;

5. To discover whether the positioning of the product is appropriate and to build up information about its expected patterns of usage, occasions when it would be used, people to whom it would be given, etc.

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