Qualitative research into 'laughter' tv advertising

Date of publication: May 1, 1976


Previous qualitative research has identified the optimum positioning for the product, and further research was required on a 'Laughter' TV advertisement in order to:

1. Determine the communication of the approach, at both an overt and a deeper level;

2. Establish how closely the advertisement positions 'Laughter' to the ideal positioning in absolute terms, and in relation to competitive products;

3. Identify the degree of comprehension of the storyline, and the extent to which this affects the overall 'mood' or 'feel' of the approach;

4. Determine the impact and apparent memorability of the advertisement, and the degree to which it appears to stimulate interest in a purchase;

5. Establish specific positives and negatives, concerning the main message and execution details;

6. Obtain reactions to the packaging, and the name Yardley. 

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