Qualitative research into new range pack designs for Three Wishes

Date of publication: August 1, 1976


Elida has submitted two new pack designs for the Three Wishes range which comprises foam bath antiperspirants in aerosol and roll-on forms, talc, and soap. Three variants will be developed. The specific objectives of the research were as follows:

1. To assess whether either of the two-pack designs are perceived as being suitable for the Three Wishes range as a whole;

2. To gauge which of the two is the most suitable for foam bath;

3. To discover whether the design(s) have the right connections for each individual product;

4. To assess whether the design(s) effectively convey the moods;

5. To investigate specifically respondents' reactions to the silver antiperspirant aerosol can and to the two alternative talc packs within each range.

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