Qualitative research into packaging for Jif Cooking Aids

Date of publication: July 1, 1976


The preliminary research into this project was carried out in June 1976. Responses to the four cooking aids (garlic, herbs, onion, and curry) were largely positive with many respondents expressing intention to purchase. From the concept material, the range was considered to be visually very attractive. Of the four variants included in this first stage, the mixed herbs were the least credible and were thus dropped from the range. The agency has now produced a new concept board depicting the range of three: curry, onion, and garlic. The specific objectives of the research were as follows:

1. To assess consumer reaction to the basic concept of Jif Cooking Aids and to gauge potential purchase intentions;

2. To gain detailed responses to the three individual variants in an attempt to assess their relative appeals positives and negatives etc;

3. To investigate whether the new molded packaging samples are liked by respondents, and indeed are appropriate for the particular variants;

4. To assess whether a price of 2lp would be acceptable and good value for money. 

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