Qualitative research into Project Ship

Date of publication: May 1, 1978


Beechams Ltd., are currently developing a sugar-free confectionery - type product named Aquafreshers which has benefited for the teeth. Previous qualitative research has identified a positioning that would appear to be reasonably viable. Accordingly, a further qualitative study was required in order to:

1. Obtain background attitudes and behaviour in relation to the confectionery market;

2. Obtain an evaluation of the relative appeal of the alternative new positionings, along with the Half Way House positioning;

3. To provide a creative steer on how the best positioning can be modified to maximise its appeal;

4. To evaluate reactions to the actual product itself and to distil the most appropriate/ appealing description of the product's flavour from amongst the concepts and the respondents' own words;

5. To evaluate any confusion over the significance of the 'sugar-free' claim. 

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