Qualitative research into Rise and Shine

Date of publication: October 1, 1977


The Kellogg Company has been selling Rise & Shine, a dried instant fruit drink product, since 1971. A number of competitors have entered the market in the past without making any impact but in March 1977 General Foods launched a powdered fruit drink product called Appel. It remains to see if there are any aspects of the Rise & Shine name, pack, advertising, price or product that can be improved, before the Apeel national launch. Accordingly, the objectives of the current research program were as follows: 

1. To obtain an understanding of consumer perceptions of Apeel, and its strengths and weaknesses;

2. Consumer perceptions of Rise & Shine and its strengths and weaknesses;

3. To find ways in which Rise & Shine pack, product or advertising may be improved. 

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