Qualitative research on Cinzano

Date of publication: September 1, 1977


Exposure to the advertising reinforces Cinzano Bianco as a very acceptable drink to consumers related particularly to holidays and casual drinking situations where all drink is incidental to the enjoyment. The refreshing qualities and mixability were readily communicated and the inclusion of men in the drinking situation was appreciated by users. Two routes were indicated for advertising development:

1. Carrying the normality of Cinzano Bianco drinking even further, taking advantage of its probable position in the drinks cabinet, by reinforcing in-home usage with friends or between husbands and wife. This route is based on the economy and accessibility of the product in the supermarket;

2. Giving the product higher value as an alternative justification to drinking it in a low key way, and as an invitation to non-users. This may demand a more dramatic approach and emphasis on product and drinking qualities.

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