Qualitative research on Elseve balsam & volume shampoo

Date of publication: December 1, 1977


L'Oreal is launching a new range of shampoos. At the time of the research, Elseve Balsam Beauty shampoo was currently advertising on-air and the Elseve Balsam Volume Shampoo was launched September/October 1977. The objectives of the research reported here were to assess:

1. How well the brand name and variant names are communicated in the advertising;

2. What types of shampoo are communicated, for what hair types, and how different the shampoos are seen to be both from each other and from other shampoos in the market;

3. How credible and interesting are the benefits offered by the shampoos;

4. Responses to the commercials both in their own right and within the context of shampoo advertising, in terms of interest and involvement in the style and tone they use. 

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