Qualitative research on 'incident' commercial

Date of publication: January 1, 1976


'Incident' is a new fragrance for women, designed to appeal primarily to: Single girls aged 17-22 years who regularly use a fragrance during the daytime. A secondary target is all women aged 15-35 years who use a fragrance regularly during the daytime. Previous research (July 1975) showed that an animatic for Incident was potentially very effective in communicating with the target audience. This research was designed to evaluate a commercial which expressed the incident in a finished form. The objectives of the research were:

1. To evaluate interest in the purchase of Incident on the basis of the commercial;

2. To assess the expectations of the product, and the perceived image of Incident;

3. To determine comprehension of the storyline, understanding of the 'moment', and the flashback;

4. To investigate the appeal of the characters involved. 

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