Qualitative research on Project Starky

Date of publication: February 1, 1978


Robinson's has developed an Orange Barley breakfast drink which produced favourable reactions from housewives in previous research. They were based mainly on the consistency, the quality and appeal of Robinson's products. The agency has produced further presentations of the concept for further research. The specific objectives of the research therefore were:

1 To explore consumer reactions towards the new concept in the light of the four presentations;

2 To discover which of the four presentations has the most appeal and the most potential for further development;

3 To probe reactions to the packaging in an effort to discover which packaging form would be most appropriate;

4. To gain some reactions to the product itself, its flavour, consistency, barley content, colour etc. and to judge prospective propensity to purchase;

5. Using a selection of different types and brands of fruit juice products, to gain some understanding of the product user market. 

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