Quality control using exclusive interviewers

Date of publication: August 1, 1975


Author: Ian Jarvis


The paper starts from the standpoint that most of the recent literature on fieldwork organisation and quality control is concerned with the conventional field force consisting of a comparatively large number of freelance interviewers dispersed throughout the country. The paper then discusses the advantages that derive from using a small field force, principally those arising from the fact that interviewers in a small field force must work for the company concerned on a frequent and continual basis, which results in the interviewer identifying closely with the company and in the company being more easily able to impose and maintain the standards it requires. The further advantages of using an exclusive field force are then described. Finally, the paper looks at the disadvantages of this approach, which are mainly the apparent limitations on flexibility of capacity and geographical coverage, and concludes with an illustration of the way Burke has adapted the concept to differing market situations throughout Europe.

Ian Jarvis


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